Life is a Journey…

Life is a journey to experience, not a problem to be solved…
– Winnie the Poohclemens-van-lay-Journey-unsplash

Life is a journey full of destinations…. live it, enjoy it and relish it…. that should be the general human attitude! However, people get too obsessed with the destinations and, in the bargain, forget to enjoy the journey. Most people take life very seriously. The sad part is, by the time they decide to enjoy their life, they are either too old or they are alone on the journey.

Reality however, is that, in this journey of life, you are not alone. You meet a lot of people, some of them journey with you, some accompany you for a while and then leave, but the journey continues. All of the goals, targets and/or achievements we aim for, in life, are our destinations. The destinations are not the most important things in life, more important is the journey. Everyone has different destinations, meaning, their paths, journeys and experiences are different from others. In rare cases, even if the destination is the same, the paths taken and the experiences had, will be different. Does this mean, once you reach the destination it’s all over? NO, you celebrate your success and embark on a new journey with a new destination! There is nothing called a final destination in life.

A lot of people take their life and destinations very seriously, making the journey horrible and strenuous. By the time they reach the destination they are so tired, they have very little energy and health to celebrate their success. People should celebrate the journey more than the destination, as we stay in any destination for a very short period of time. Why do I say that? Because once a goal or a destination is reached, a new goal or destination is set. This means the journey starts all over again. The celebration of achieving the goal of reaching a destination is short-lived. On the flip side, if you celebrate the journey, life itself will be a celebration!delfi-de-la-rua-roadmap-unsplash

Let’s take our vacations for an example. The moment we hear about vacations, what comes to our mind, is the fun and happiness we will experience during the vacation. Do we celebrate only when we reach the destination? Or do we enjoy the complete journey? The answer is, we enjoy the complete journey. Starting from boarding the vehicle to go to the destination of the vacation and till we return back home. Why then, do we find it difficult to apply the same logic to our daily lives? One of the most commonplace thought is, “work is a very serious matter in life and we need to work hard to have a nice retired life”. As stated earlier, by the time one reaches retirement, there will be very little energy and even a smaller number of days left, to actually enjoy life.

Every human is in the pursuit of something in life, all the time. In this pursuit, we tend to forget everything else. The first thing is, we need to rethink our goals or destinations. Next, look at the price we are paying to reach these goals and finally, take time to consider if it is worth reaching that goal without enjoying the process. Yes, it’s important to have goals in life, else we are not sure what to do in life. And even more important is celebrating along the way to our destination. Setting goals based on our passion will make sure we enjoy the process and the result. Spend some time to find your passion. Most of us fail to do this. Some of us have already found our passion but are doing nothing about it. Most of us are stuck in this busy, vicious circle of life and find it difficult to get out of it. There should be proper planning and commitment to come out of it. Develop a passion that you can pursue in life and this will keep you charged.

Every day is a celebration of life! Never miss an opportunity. Make sure the first thing you do, the moment you wake up is to smile, and thank God for gifting you one more beautiful day. Do not get obsessed with your goals so much that you stop enjoying the present moment. Future success depends on how much you are enjoying the journey at the present moment.

On a professional front, keep small milestones in your journey towards the long-term goals. Celebrate every milestone. Even if it’s a failure, celebrate it for the lessons learned and never miss a chance. Do not take your job too seriously. Yes, think of the company’s success and your personal growth. But you must remember that the company can survive without you. So, make sure you also live your life, king size.

We are always working very hard for a better ‘tomorrow’. But when ‘tomorrow’ comes, instead of enjoying the journey and destination, we again think of the next ’tomorrow’!! Let’s enjoy the journey in the present moment. Do not get too serious about life, your career and making a lot of money, instead enjoy the process of life. Life’s sole purpose should be happiness.

Please leave a note if you feel there are other practices, we can follow to enjoy the journey of life.

“Happiness is not a destination. It’s a way of life.” Ann Lauwers The reality

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