Is darkness absence of light?

“In the midst of darkness, light persists.”
                                                – Mahatma Gandhicherry-laithang-NmPpz1jA_JE-unsplash

Studies, on the effect of light, have shown that, “light always wins over darkness” but “darkness can’t win over light”. There have been a lot of researches to understand the characteristics of light and darkness.

Let us see what the definition of Darkness is? Researchers gave a name to the absence of light, and they called it darkness. Darkness is not a particle, so it should be an absence of something. Whereas Light is both waves and particles called photons, which means wherever there is light, there is no room for darkness. You could be thinking why I am discussing light and darkness, instead of mindfulness this time. There is a relation between “Light & Darkness” and “Positive & Negative” thoughts, hence my reference to the same.

Just like how darkness can’t win over light, negativity can’t win over positivity too. Darkness can win over light only when you forget to turn on the light. Likewise, looking for a solution is positive thinking (Light ON), while worrying about a problem is negativity (light OFF). It is true that everyone faces challenges in life, and it is also true that every problem has a solution. But people dwell so hard on the problem and the effects of it that, they forget to look towards a solution. And in most cases when they search for solutions, it was right there, within their reach and ability too! It’s like the saying in Kannada, “There is butter in your hand, but you are searching for ghee all over”! Yes, most of the time, the solution is in our mind, but we seek for solution outside. Turn the switch of your mind “ON”, and you will find the answers to most of your questions. The solution is like a light to the darkness. Your brain is the most intelligent machine on earth, use it wisely, and you will have answers for most of your problems.

The fear of the unknown is a phobia known as Xenophobia, wherein you fear almost everything. This fear of the unknown stops a lot of people from being successful in their lives. And It’s something we hear all too often from people. It’s not the fear of something they are aware of, but it’s mostly the fear of the unknown. “What if this happens?” or, “what if that happens?” etc. A similar fear is, the fear of darkness, as you don’t know what is present in that darkness.

There is always a fear of the unknown when we do anything for the first time. For example, a new project at work; every project will have unknows. What do we do with the unknowns? We make sure we list them up-front and will work on it only if we end-up meeting that unknown. We may never encounter those unknows that we had factored in at all, but we still consider it. Then why don’t we do the same in our lives too, instead of fearing the unknown? We should do our best in what we know, to be in a good position to counter the unknown. But if we start fearing the darkness right from the onset, we may end up making the unknow a reality, or we will not be ready to take the risk to explore the unknown.

Every human is like a magnet, attracting precisely those things that he/she spends time thinking about most of the time. If our thoughts are about the fear of darkness (negative thoughts), there will only be more darkness in our lives. For example, if you are jealous of another person and their progress, you will invite sadness into your life. People will start to leave you. On the contrary, if our thoughts are about light (positive thoughts), we will attract more and more light into our lives. As the saying goes, “Positive thoughts attract Positive outcomes!”

Our thoughts define us, not only for ourselves but, even for others around us. Start genuinely having good thoughts for yourself and others around you, and you will attract a lot of happiness in life.

All around us, we see people addicted to substances like alcohol, cigarettes, drugs, etc. They do this to fight their fear of darkness. They get temporarily high, to fight that fear. Once the effect of the substance has weaned off, they discover that their problem still exists. People start liking this process, and some continue to indulge in it. That is when and how it becomes an addiction. Addiction is like a vicious cycle; one can’t get out of it in a jiffy. It also sets in the cycle of ill-treating one’s own body. In the beginning, it could be only anxiety and fear but later on, it could lead to significant mental health issues and/or even suicide.dane-deaner-Tunnel-unsplash

Every religion teaches us; there is light at the end of the tunnel, and there is God who is the light. We need to understand that everyone goes through rough phases in life. However, it is how we shed light on that dark phase and show ourselves up, that matters. Research says you are afraid of darkness only till you experience it. Once you know the devil, you are no more fearful of the dark.

Do you have the switch turned ON?

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