Are you Lucky?

Luck always seems to be against those who depend on it.
– Unknown

“Wow! Bob has become a CEO! How lucky!!”

“Hey Alisha, I heard you went on a holiday to Hawaii! You are such a lucky girl, I tell you!”

Heard such statements? Said them yourself?

Do you sometimes feel that you are not as lucky as some other people, maybe those who are successful in life? Do you also think you miss a lot of opportunities or miss your goals because you are not lucky? If you answered in the affirmative, this post is for you.

The dictionary says that, luck is “good fortune; advantage or success, considered as the result of chance”. Does that mean, luck is by chance? Lets take a closer look and understand this better.

Luck is actually a combination of experience (or knowledge), good or appropriate planning, correct timing and most importantly, execution towards the goal. Lets consider a well known personality’s example. I am talking about none other than Mahatma Gandhi. Did he become the father of the nation by luck? No. Mahatma Gandhi worked hard (experience and knowledge), he had a proper plan or a vision in mind, the timing was perfect, and he went on to execute his plan. It all started in South Africa when he was thrown out of his 1st class seat because of his skin colour. He then started a movement in South Africa, to make sure that, people of the ethnic race got their rights. He was successful in making sure everyone was treated as equal citizens of the country. Then he planned to return to India. He joined the INC and started a movement across the country, against the British empire, through non-violent measures. Every move he made was well planned and perfectly timed. He rose above the people of the nation, to become it’s “father” and was hence rightfully called, the “Father of the nation”. And the rest, as we say, is history! If we read through the autobiography of any other person too, who was or is considered ‘successful’, by the society, we will find that, successful people create luck through a series of actions they take in their careers or lives.

What does this mean? A calculated effort of how much knowledge to use, proper planning and timing along with the execution of the plan, will make you successful in whatever you do in life. Try these steps to create your own luck;

Knowledge: If you really look around, there are a lot of opportunities knocking at your door every day. You may not be able to pick it because, you lack knowledge in that field. If you want to grab the opportunity, you need to first set a goal and then gain knowledge and experience in that field. The best way to build knowledge is through reading, learning from the experts or by experience. Be a beggar when it comes to learning and education. Always strive to learn more and increase your horizon of knowledge. One thing to keep in mind here is, the knowledge and experience that you acquire will remain with you for ever, it will never get wasted.

Planning: This is one of the most essential ingredients in creating your luck. Always have a plan before you work towards your goal. Initially, the strategy may not be perfect, but you could, at any point, get back to the drawing board and make changes to the plan as per the demand of the hour. One thing to keep in mind here is, not to over-plan, instead, have a plan and just start off. Do not wait to have a perfect plan, as there is nothing called an ideal plan. Plans change depending on the situation. Even a small thing like weekend vacation has a plan, but we fail to plan the key goals in our life. This is the irony in the lives of many people today. They just accept life as it comes.

Timing: Is there a  perfect time and will you have some intuitions saying “Buddy 29-Feb is a perfect time, you just chill and relax till then”? Can someone predict and tell you the exact date and time? No. The only way is, to try and keep the intensity at a certain level all through the day. Consider every task you do as ‘important’ and stay focused. This means when the time arrives, you are ready to take action. Do not relax, just keep telling yourself “the opportunity could strike anytime, and I should be ready”.

Execution: Most people fail to take action. They either do not have a plan or they just keep planning and waiting for “the right time”! It is essential that you have the right knowledge, along with a good plan to execute when it’s the right time. Having the best idea and expertise without execution will never be helpful.

As mentioned earlier, do not wait for luck to strike. As the proverb goes “Luck favours the brave!”

Be brave and be ready!

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