The Subconscious mind and its network…

“What you write on the inside, you will experience it on the outside.”
– Dr Joseph Murphy

What is the difference between the subconscious mindand unconscious mind? Can these words be interchanged and used? 

According to a study by Michael Craig, from Harvard, the word “unconscious” was coined by Freud, a renowned Psychoanalyst. It was initially used interchangeably with the term the subconscious mind”. Some analysts say the unconscious mind is the bottom-most portion of the brain, which doesn’t need any instructions from the conscious or the subconscious mind, in order to function. It performs a standard set of functions, like controling the blood flow in our body, digestion, creation of new cells and removal of dead cells, etc. 

My understanding however, is that, there are only two parts to our brain, one is the conscious mind, and the other is the subconscious mind. For every action that takes place in the body, either the conscious or the subconscious mind will be aware of every action that takes place in the body. But, as mentioned in one of my earlier posts, the subconscious mind is more powerful than the conscious mind. Here, we will understand the power of the subconscious mind and its network.

Yes, you read it right, it’s the subconscious network. As you would have read in my earlier post, on an average, our subconscious mind is active 95% of the time, and it is in control of our body. The conscious mind is actively giving instructions to the subconscious mind only 5% of the time. Imagine, if by being active for only 5%; our conscious mind’s network is so powerful, how much more powerful will our subconscious mind’s network be!

First, lets understand the core purpose or responsibility of the subconscious mind. The only responsibility of the subconscious mind is to protect the interest of its body and the master (master = conscious mind). Come what may, the subconscious mind tries to protect the body by doing all it can, like, providing nutrients, releasing antibodies to fight diseases, producing adrenaline in case of a threat, moving the eyelids faster in case of dust, etc. These are the body’s responses when the threats or challenges are from inside. Now, what if the risk is from outside? It uses it’s network. The network is used for all kinds of information and help. 

Let’s take a simple example. Try and recollect, how many times you have received calls or met someone you thought of, and you tell them, “I was just thinking of you”. Also, think of how many times, you thought of getting a particular kind of help and you get an offer from your friend or some completely unexpected or totally unknown source, voluntarily offering exactly what you were looking out for. Yes, this indeed happens with many of us. What we don’t realise is, such things happen because of the active network of our subconscious minds.

There is a mention of this in every religious epic. All epics talk about help coming to you from unknown sources; it’s through God’s network. Which means there is a network available, a virtual network which can only be experienced, not seen.

Yes, there is a vast network out there, where all the subconscious talk to each other. Similar to the internet, you do not know the system or the server your computer is talking to. There is also a google where, our subconscious throws the questions, and you receive an answer for it too. You could call it the universe which answers your questions. Which means, all our inventions like the internet network, search engines etc, are things which we are already experiencing. That is the reason I repeatedly tell people; all inventions are what humans have experienced, how their body functions, what they see, or how their physical network works.

I have mentioned the term “network” several times already. Let me now explain this with examples so that it’s easy to relate to. The core responsibility of the subconscious mind is to protect the interest of the master and his body. All the subconscious are inter connected and always in touch with each other, talking to each other. In an imaginary world, we can tell they catch up at the bar for a drink, they get together to celebrate etc.

Experts and elders say, if you have a problem, sleep over it and you will find a solution most of the times. Why do they say that? Or what really happens when you do that? Lets find out…. 

When you think of a problem, it gets registered in the subconscious. Now the subconscious knows the master is in trouble and its responsibility is to get you out of it. Say you go to sleep thinking of the issue, once you are asleep your subconscious gets to work. It goes to its network and says, ‘hey people, my master is in trouble does anyone have a solution or has anyone experienced such an issue before?’ That is when the subconscious google network gives out an answer for most of your problems. The solution could come out like an idea, or a dream or sometimes just a clue. Have you experienced this?

Sometimes you feel you are lucky to have got something when you really needed. Be assured that, it is because of your subconscious network that this possibility came into existance. It is always listening and trying to get you all you want. One of my readers asked me this question after reading my blog titled, “Are you lucky?”. When I am walking on the street, and suddenly something from the top of the building falls right next to me, misses me by a whisker, isn’t this an “I am so lucky” moment. I accept you are lucky and thanks to your subconscious for having created this luck for you. Let me tell you how – As mentioned in the earlier posts, even if you are not noticing things around you, your subconscious is still recording all the sequences of events and regular happenings around you. The moment this happens, the subconscious of the person who has registered the event sends a signal to its network. Just before you reach the point of impact, you either take a bigger or a smaller step for a reason not known to you. Or there could be someone who will call you or stop you just to say a “Hi”. All this happens to ensure you avoid being at that wrong spot, at the exact moment of impact.

Does this mean, if I want to harm someone, I can use the network to do it? “NO”, because the primary responsibility of the subconscious mind is to protect the interest of the master. Say, for instance, I want to hurt someone through the network, it gets rejected from the network. But your subconscious has to execute the command, and it ends up performing on self. That is the reason why elders say, do not think wrong about others; it could come back to you. When you want to do good through the network, the network accepts it, and everyone in the group knows you are a good person. That is the reason you end up getting a return from everyone. 

The next question is, how does black magic work? If you take a closer look at the deaths of people who practice black magic, you will notice they die very gruesome/pinful/suffering-ridden deaths. Most die very early in their lives too. Why does that happen? How does that work? Lets dwell on it in a completely new post. 

This blog has been different from my earlier ones, in that, there were no support materials like videos etc. Honestly, there isn’t anything substantial on the net. Please take time to introspect and refer these points in your lives. You would definitely have experienced such instances. Also, don’t forget, try and use ‘the network’, on a daily basis, to bring good luck for yourself and others.

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