Breather for Mother Earth…

Earth provides enough to satisfy every man’s needs, but not every man’s greed.
– Mahatma Gandhi

It takes just one cell to begin creation. And now, we are witness to the fact that, it takes just one cell, gone wrong this time of course, to wipe out all of creation too!! Ever thought of that before this Pandemic hit us?

On the other side we see that, one small virus (cell) has now got humans to take a forced break. This break, taken by the humans, has helped earth breath freely once again. Nature has got a chance to reclaim its space and we, humans, have been left with a big lesson on coexistence.

Many health experts believe that this new strain of coronavirus most probably originated in bats or pangolins. Some others say it’s a big game China played on the rest of the world. Either way, have humans gone too far? This is something all of us need to introspect about. I have heard people saying, “Humans are bringing the world to an end”. Do you think it’s possible? No, Earth will stay, she has taken the blow from asteroids; dinosaur vanished from the planet, etc. but, the earth still exists. At least now humans should understand that, we are taking it too far. Its time to course-correct and make sure that, we consider ways of preserving what we have and learn to coexist with animals and nature.

Look how soon the situation has changed, from the earth finding it hard to breathe and wearing a mask, to now, most human beings going around wearing masks, in the last couple of months. The pollution levels are also at the lowest in the previous couple of weeks, as compared to that of the previous two decades. Think again!

You may now be thinking, “what can I do, as an individual, to fix this issue?” As John F Kennedy once said, “Ask not what your country can do for you – ask what you can do for your country”. Yes, every individual can make a difference. Starting from saying no to the use of tissue papers to planting trees wherever possible. Starting from, not jumping that signal next time to not bribing anyone ever again, in your life.

Remember the world will be a totally different place after this episode. This virus is teaching us the biggest lesson of humanity. So, It’s time to rise above religion, parties, borders and work together as human beings. Now the world should make sure that, they start a new journey of togetherness and harmony. It’s time to understand what’s better for our future.

Lets ponder upon how we, as individuals, can make a difference. How can we make best use this break and where can we make a difference.

If not all, I’m sure most of you, who are reading this post, are working from home these days. Are you enjoying or getting sucked into working from home? This is an opportunity to introspect and focus on building both your mental and physical health. We keep complaining that there is no work-life balance. Here is an opportunity, knocking right at your door, set it right!

We would have received a lot of tips from our office managements, on how to stay safe and what you could do with the travel time that you are now saving, etc. I would not like to repeat the same. However, I will be sharing a few things here, which, I feel, you must do, in the next few days, to reclaim your life.

Family time: People always complain about not getting time for the family due to their hectic work schedules and the office culture that they have adopted. Does family time mean, watching Netflix, Prime or some family entertainment shows on TV? Unfortunately, the answer is ‘No’, that is not family time, that is TV time!! We need to switch off the TV, mobile phones and laptops, for a while, and create free time. Then we need to think of what we can do, without the help of these devices. Spend some quality time with your spouse and family, maybe by simply talking about very basic topics of life or by helping each other in household activities like cooking, making the bed, cleaning the house etc. We need to get creative with our kids, talk to them about current affairs, about topics important and relevant to their age, we need to play some physical games with them (remember this will also keep us physically active). Tell them bedtime stories and maybe spend an hour teaching them. Enjoy all meals, breakfast, lunch, dinner and coffee breaks with your family. Make sure we do this daily, as our family also is locked inside and has nowhere to go. This will ease their mental fatigue and recharge us too.

Physical activity: Make sure you keep some physical activity going for you on a daily basis. A lot of you could be hooked to TVs and/or laptops and hence, sitting in one place for long hours.

Make sure you workout for at least 45 mins in a day. Treat this as an opportunity to get fit (I am personally making sure I get fitter using this time).

We tend to forget we are immobile for very long hours while working from home and that it is very dangerous for our physical beings. Stay active, make sure you take those two-minute short breaks every hour or two for physical movement. There are more on youtube you could refer to. 

Meditation or Personal time: I strongly believe that all of us need some personal time. That is when we can do meditation and practice silence. This time will boost creativity and planning for our day and/or future. I strongly recommend 10 mins of meditation and 30 mins of silence or deep thinking everyday. Every person needs personal time for their personal development.

Do not overeat: A lot of people tend to make this mistake when working from home. Make sure you have a track of the number of coffees and junk food that you are getting into your body. That excess food is definitely not going to help you. By the end of the fight against the virus you will otherwise end up with obesity/morbid obesity related problems instead. Physical fitness and control over food intake will help keep your body in good shape and your health in good form.

Personal development: Focus on personal development, take new courses online and learn new skills in your domain. Take some time out of your schedule to upskill yourself on new things. For homemakers, now that hopefully you have support from your spouse, you should upskill or try doing something new. There could be a lot of things you wanted to do, but never got the time to do it. This is the right time. Don’t miss it!

Give back to society: This is a situation where a lot of people are impacted. Find a way to help people in need. It could be by donating money to needy people directly or to a charitable trust that is rendering the services or the government treasury, as they are extending a lot of support to the needy. Also keep a strict check on your usage of natural resources like, water, tissues etc.

While the above mentioned points can’t be a timetable for us, as we all have kids and other family members at home; we can use it more like a checklist. Most of us may not even have the right office setup. Make sure you involve all your family members in as many activities as possible. For example, during your workout time, have the kids mimick you and enjoy themselves. Practice meditation with your kids if possible, they will learn it early in life that’s all. The two-minute-stretch every hour, will give you an opportunity to getup and stretch. Apart from the much needed physical stretch between long hours of work, you get to spend time with the family at these regular breaks.

I am sure you would have heard most, if not all, of this before, but the point is, are you honest to yourself, are you following it? These are just some basic tips for maintaining good health and having a better future. These are just a few thoughts to seed the ideas on how you could better spend the next few days or weeks and make it a habit. Always remember, “time once lost can’t be regained”. Use your time wisely. The world will be a different place after all that has happened now! Arm yourselves with good health and better time management and other essential life skills of life so that you can take on the new phase with new vigour! Treat this extra time in hand as a gift from God, to repair any flaws from your past, finish any unaccomplished goals (health, education or others) and make the best of it! Nobody get this lucky in life!

Be Wise, Stay Safe, Stay at home, Stay Healthy!

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